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CCCX Cycling Off-Road 2018 has it's SERIES FINAL on July 21.
The CCCX Series ending races are always good times.
A chance to reflect on the racing during the year with your fellow competitors and a chance for families to come cheer on loved ones for the last MTB race of CCCX season.

Thank you to all the racers, it has been a super great 2018 of off-road cycling.
So many great performances on course and it has been a pleasure to watch all the racers improve and evolve as athletes and cyclists.

Come to have extra fun at the CCCX Series Final!  
Always a good time to ride your MTB.

PLEASE REMEMBER-  The East Garrison community is moving closer and closer to the day-camp cycling area.  Please be extra respectful to all home owners when in this area.  The local community support of the cycling is a great thing and we need to work hard to keep it that way.  Drive slow and always smile and treat the homeowners from the area politely.  Many of the Homeowners are cyclists themselves so do be a great ambassador or the sport when in the area.


Thank you to everyone who has over the years made the CCCX races so much fun for all levels of racer.

Ride Safe & Have Fun!