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Rule #1- Keep it fun!

*Please use proper trail etiquette during course recon and Transfer Stages*

2- Combined times from each course determines racers overall total time.

3- Racers must compete on 1 bike for all stages and be self supported; racers can carry replacement parts, tubes, tires ect.

4- Helmets must be worn during all Competition and Transfer Stages – Racers are welcome to carry 2 helmets (Full-Face/XC) – Full-Face helmets may not be worn rocked back on the head during climbs.

5- No Ear Buds during Competition Stages – In the interest of rider/race official communication for passing and staging, Ear Buds will not be allowed during Competition Stages, you are welcome to pump the jams on Transfer Stages and before staging of individual categories

6- Obey Proper Trail Etiquette - Transfer Stages are open to public use – in most cases racers will be “uphill traffic”, thus having the right of way, please be courteous none the less – yield to hikers.

7- Transfer Stage Cut Off Times – Transfer Stages are not timed/raced but there is a time limit to complete the stage – Racing Starts at 11:00 a.m. - Time Cut Off for 2nd stage completion to be determined by field sizes on the day.  

8- Protest Period – there will be a 15 minute Protest Period after final timed run – there is a $15 fee for filing a protest with official.

9- Man Down Rule – If you come across a downed rider, please stop a see that they are ok before continuing on – use your judgement here, if a rider is broken or unconscious STOP, if they’ve fallen but appear to be ok, ride on – let officials know and they will sort out your time loss/fallen individual.

10- Absolutely No Alcohol in TORO PARK permitted.